Have you had an idea for how you’d like a room in your house to look? but when it comes to the execution you just don’t quite hit the mark and when it’s all finished there’s just a slight pang of disappointment that it’s just not quite turned out how you’d hoped?

Intuitive Interiors style is “Luxury in Simplicity” it’s about designing a room that’s sharp and crisp using quite neutral base colours, then occasionally using a bold colour with this to give the room depth and dimension. Then finally filling the room with furniture that has longevity, furniture that has a good quality upholstery to it with simple design and functionality.

Once pulling this altogether we then bring in the luxury through all the soft furnishings and really add the colour and depth bringing the room to life. Everything chosen to go into a room is based around the individual client their individual lifestyles, preferences & needs, achieving a room that they will look forward to spending time in again and again and which really feels like home.

Intuitive Interiors

Organically grown through knowledge and experience gained whilst working in the building industry for a decade, inspiring & advising clients on how to achieve their ultimate tailored interior.

‘ME’ as much or as little as you like, I offer services tailored to your needs, so you can chose how much involvement you need from me. Allowing you to manage your budget and your project, with all the help and advice you require.

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