This project was a whole house project I completed back in 2012, after purchasing the property it required a lot of structural demolition work to turn it back into one habitat as it was half way through a conversion into two flats.

The house did not lend itself to be two properties, the regulations that would have needed to be met for this type of conversion and the works that it would have needed done to be compliant, would also have been financially unviable and as this was a property development sticking to the allowed budget was vital. All the rooms underwent a full redecoration, a new bathroom and kitchen was fitted. A loft conversion was constructed, turning the property from a two in to a three bed house. New carpets were fitted through out and the kitchen and bathroom both received new flooring. Whilst all the interior works were underway, the back garden under went major remodelling starting by filling in the pond with spanned almost 18 ft long x 10ft wide by 5ft deep and took up most the garden. The remodelling allowed for it to be a suitable family garden and the house render was re painted to a nice cream, to lighten the house up from its original terracotta colour.



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