This project was on a concept delivery & designed floor layouts basis, the clients wished to carry out their own practical works as they were working to a set budget. The layouts were to incorporate the client’s existing furniture that was to be kept and to show areas where there might be available space for new pieces, from the items they were discarding.

The client was unsure where to start when it came to giving their living space a new lease of life and the type of interior that they might hope for, but with some definite direction given to them through the concept boards delivered they soon knew exactly what they were doing and bit by bit began to execute there project successfully. The concept delivered complimented their existing interiors and I worked on a theme around

‘The Hamptons’ giving the living space a real holiday home feel, the client made some amazing transformations with existing items at minimal costs and everything combined gave the living room a new light airy feel, eliminating dark corners. The client stayed in touch right throughout the project and while they executed their practical works, knowing that I was there for some advice or to help with any decisions they might be struggling with. The final outcome of the room interior was a real transformation and both the client’s were very pleased an proud of what they have achieved, the look and feel of the completed room was fantastic and everything they hoped for.



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