Intuitive Interiors started in May 2015 and as a new business is ever evolving into different areas of the market, Sue has been in the building industry for almost a decade and has gained the knowledge and insight for what works when it comes to the key finishes of a room or a homes interior. Much of Sue's knowledge and experience has been learnt and gained while working within the building sector, however during this time Sue has also completed her own refurbishments small and large, so giving her a good appreciation of every angle of this process, from builder to designer and from buyer to seller. Sue has worked with Northcott Building Contractors Ltd from 2002 – 2007 & 2012 - 2016 during this time advising the clients on their finishes, sourcing on their behalf and project managing the execution of the work involved within the clients desired finishes. Sue now runs Intuitive Interiors alongside her on going works with NBC this in turn also allows Sue to have access and resources to a far and wide network of suppliers, tradesman & architects.

In early 2015 Sue completed a course in Interior Design & Styling and undertook two further courses in introductions to bathroom & kitchen design, with this adding to Sue’s existing knowledge and on site experience it makes communicating between suppliers and client’s a lot more concise and clear when trying to achieve the client’s desired completed interior.

Sue offers bespoke packages based on what the client requires, this can range from a basic consultation & advice, helping to achieve the desired look, preparing floor plans and drawings, developed designs and sample boards, to project assistance and/or to completion. The vision and style Sue likes to convey through;

Intuitive Interiors is ‘Luxury in Simplicity’ using neutral base shades within the scheme giving the simplicity and then really developing the luxury through the layers and soft furnishings, sometimes bringing in deep rich colour to accent, in a variety of forms. With selective features that aim to achieve a room interior that has style, comfort, depth and longevity in its design.

‘It is imperative to Sue that the client achieves the room of their dreams, not the room of someone else’s dreams’

Whatever level the client requires of her services, she will work closely on client briefs, really examining all key elements and features of the client’s requirements, taking into consideration the client as a person, their lifestyle, hobbies, what they enjoy and how they use the room/s and her goal is always to see this coming out through the design and finished product, so that the client is really left with a room that totally fits them and represents them.
Sue can also offer consultation and advice in preparing your home for sale on the open market, really helping you to maximise your homes potential ready for buyers and helping you to achieve getting an offer close to your market price when selling your home. The experience Sue has gained over the time has allowed her to navigate the property market and gain vast amounts of knowledge on what property owners, buyers and sellers need, what they are looking for and what they need to be delivering when thinking of entering onto the property market.

On a personal level Sue has a large busy family, with her Husband director of NBC and their combined 5 adult children navigating or entering the working world themselves, this in turn has lead to two of them joining the business and now developing their skills in carpentry & accounting, while the others are busy studying ‘A’ levels, health & beauty, with the eldest pursuing and growing her barber business.

Sue loves outdoor sports, skiing, kayaking, running, cycling, walking & swimming, but also enjoys the more leisurely activities like reading and visiting foreign places, enjoying their history and culture. Sue initially left college in 96’ as a qualified sports therapist and spent some time working in the holistic therapy industry, something Sue still likes to keep her toe in the water with even last year taking her Reiki Master training, the energetic connection Sue has found with clients to be absolutely vital when working to develop the interior a client will love for a long time to come, to really get a feel for who they are as a person and what really matters to them has proved to be priceless and its all about relating to people on a level that is natural, instinctive and in an ‘Intuitive’ way. Sue loves to study and learn new things and very much has the philosophy 'that you never stop learning or growing'

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