Interior Design Consultancy available on an hourly basis, for more information please call or email Sue.


Planning & advice, supporting you

I offer an in depth consulting advice session where I would help the client achieve a time line action plan for there interior project, I would also help them to make any key decisions that they might be struggling with, whilst also helping them to compile a list of where they will source their desired selections for this room. This is so that they can execute the project by themselves giving them focus and confidence and a clear sense of direction. (Session would be for 2 hours – longer sessions can be arranged.)

Ideas development, leading you.

I can visit a client for a 1-2 hour slot where I will take a full client brief relating to the interior project, then provide 3 basic concept boards (ideas board) based on the brief of which will have visual images on of 3 set schemes for the direction of the project. Again this is the format that the client is looking to execute the project themselves, but is struggling with design ideas and where to take the project design.


Add on – to the above package I can also provide scaled floor layouts re-placing any existing furniture to be kept, in a new location or where currently is situated. These plans also allow the client to see the available floor space for possible new furniture pieces, not only on paper but it allows the client to move the furniture around knowing it will fit and then deciding which layout feels right for them.

Add on – also as an add on to ‘B’ I can provide one sample board or more if required, once the client has chosen the desired concept this will allow the client to put these sample boards in the room and decide which colour or colours are right for them, based on how they look in the room.

Add on – the client could chose colour boards or sample boards.


I can offer a design package which will include ‘B’ and all the add ons, then I will take the design to the next level where once the client is confident with the choices of scheme, colour, generic content and generic finishes, I can provide scaled elevations with rendering so the client can start to gain a feel for what the finish will feel like. Once this is all confirmed I can then move forward with sourcing the items and materials needed for the clients project, providing them with a list of where and how to obtain the items along with the costs ready to start there project. With this I will provide them with a timeline for ordering, to allow for lead times so that the project will come together smoothly.

I can offer in addition to the the above, a full project schedule along with a list of local tradesmen, so again they can execute their project confidently.


Finally I can offer a full design and project package, where upon the signing off of the designs with the client’s I will run the project through to completion and undertake the practical works.


Styling To Sale – an in depth consultation on how to make the necessary alterations or amendments to the property to gain maximum impact on the open market, with the desire to achieving the best market listing price possible, whilst making your home visually striking and inviting for viewings.

Styling To Sale consultation and execution of works with or without client, to make the property market fit.

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